TubeMate's logoAre you a video and a music lover? Do you love to download your favorite videos from YouTube and save these videos and music for the future? Do you want an app where you can share your videos with your friends? Do you want quick access to your saved and spared music and videos? Do you want to have your loved videos and sound with no association? If you are searching for an app which has the features mentioned above, you are in the right place. In this article, I shall tell you about an app where you can save all your music and videos. You can download and share these videos. You can download in different types, and you can search and play whenever you want.

You can do all this through TubeMate YouTube downloader. It is an android application which gives you a facility of downloading and search for your recordings on your mobile phone or tab. Here you will get an insight into different features and advantages of TubeMate.

What is TubeMate?

TubeMate is a fantastic and multi-feature android plus Pc application. You can download YouTube videos and save them. It has fast download speed though your internet speed may be lower. You can download HD videos on your mobile phone. It has dozens of custom features which make it the No1 app on the internet. It is also the first choice for mobile users. Its mean specifications are as under.


  • The primary function of TubeMate is to download videos from YouTube and other platforms.
  • There is an already installed media player which plays your videos and saves them in your device memory.
  • If you want to convert your video into audio, you can format it into MP3 and listen to the audio-only.
  • You have the choice to download a video in different resolutions. You may download medium decision to high-resolution video formats. You can download the latest recommendations.
  • You can initiate a download and start playing at the same time.
  • You can prepare as many copies you want in a single click.
  • There is no video download failure.
    Moreover, you can stop the download and start when you wish.
  • Newer versions of TubeMate are installed automatically into your device.
  • You can download your favorite videos from multiple platforms. You can have it from Facebook, daily motion, and other video services.
  • The interface of TubeMate is brand new and attractive.
  • It gives you better streaming support and has the feature of local playback.
  • There are drag and drop techniques that you can use to manage TubeMate.
  • You can enjoy music while you are browsing the internet.
  • There are different search options like voice and date search.
  • Here is the forward button feature and URL editor.

Basic features

TubeMate on PC

It is the first and fundamental solution of your video playback needs. It is light and quick. You can watch your favorite recordings without any associations. If you have WIFI, you can thoroughly benefit from TubeMate features. You can explore all the videos and download which you like. You can save them on the go, and you may spare these videos for future playing. It is less costly. You can utilize this application with your end goal to download it from YouTube to your android phone. You have the flexibility and no confinement. You have the choice of downloading all your recording, which is accessible on YouTube. You can save your file in your SD card or free memory for future use. You can pick the nature of video you want to download and watch and download it in HD quality or other resolution.

You may need an additional application to organize your downloaded files. After you have finished your download through TubeMate system, now it will be the matter of your capacity card. You will be able to abandon your recording, or you may relocate them in a different folder. It is upon you what you choose.

TubeMate has speed and quickness. Till now, it is the most known YouTube downloader. It empowers you with the capacity of rapid download, pursuit, and share and saves YouTube files. You can watch it later after the download is finished. You can convert your video to MP3. It is an excellent function which you can use in TubeMate.

Salient features

  • First ever YouTube downloader
  • Fast download mode and different associations for a download
  • Variety of download determination choices
  • Background and multiple downloads at a time
  • Pause and resume options
  • Media conversion
  • Playlist
  • Convert to MP3
  • Sharing of videos through different networking websites such as Google, Twitter or email to your friends.
  • Research options and recommendations.
  • Save your recordings and make playlists.


TubeMate has some advantages which make it distinct from other such apps. It is much better for those who want to download MP3 documents. You can download your most cherished melodies in various dialects. You can recover accurate data about materials. It is free of cost downloader and facilitates you to download online music. It has speed and quickness. You can change the length of melody, and you can cut the undesirable content. You can choose the tune and resolution you want for your music. It also lets you convert your video to music. These advantages make it the best app on the internet.

Some disadvantages

Every new app and system has some advantages and disadvantages. The same is with TubeMate. Though it has features that are beneficial for you, there is another side of the picture. It will be useful to discuss its setbacks. If you want to get the record in other configuration, you need to change to MP3. You need to download choices for copyright files. Clients are liable to be disconnected indexed lists. There are some other disadvantages of TubeMate. Therefore you must research and then install it on your system. You must check for compatibility before proceeding further.

How to install TubeMate on PC

TubeMate with Bluestacks
Bluestacks'logoTubeMate not only works on android but also windows PC. You can download it through a process. As it is available only for the android operating system yet, you can download and install it on your PC or MAC. Though it seems crazy to download an android on pc, you can download it through an android emulator. You need first to download and install the emulator. It is software which pretends to be another particular program you want to interact with. You may download and install blue stack emulator. After installing you may download and install TubeMate APK file and run it through bluestack.

How to install with Nox player

Nox's LogoThe other option for installing your favorite TubeMate is installing with nox player. You can do so through the following instructions.

  • Download the TubeMate latest version in your PC or MAC.
  • Now you need to download and install NOX player from the android emulators list.
  • After it, start installing both the applications.
  • After the installation process is complete, open NOX player and drag TubeMate in the player and wait till it is installed.
  • Now, you may enjoy your favorite video downloading.


How to install TubeMate with android phone?

Android's logoThough it is available on android phones yet as it is not officially available on Plat store, you may download and install TubeMate on your android os device. For this purpose, you need to go to setting and then head to security. Enable application installation from unknown sources and turn on this feature. Now you need to visit TubeMate downloader website and download it from a verified source. You may download and install it. Click on the run when prompted. After the process is complete, you may start the app and enjoy its features.

TubeMate for IOS

iOS's logoThough you may download TubeMate on your android phone and install it on your PC via emulators, it is not officially available for IOS and iPhone. Sadly, it is not yet on the app store, and you cannot download it on your iPhone. But don’t be so sad, there are other alternatives of TubeMate which you may install and use on your iPhone. You may get the features of TubeMate downloader in these apps. Video downloader pro is the alternative of TubeMate which you may install and run on your iPhone.

How to download on Chromecast and another os

Chromecast's logoTubeMate is available for different operating systems and smart devices. You need to check for availability on other devices. So for as chrome cast is concerned, it may be installed and run on chrome cast. Here you can cast your downloaded videos and audios to the devices with chrome cast operating system. You can download TubeMate APK file and run it on your chrome cast mobile. Its setting and installation instructions are the same as for other devices. First, download TubeMate apk file and then run it on your mobile.

TubeMate alternatives

It is a fact that TubeMate is the best app of its kind in the digital world today. No other app can claim to be its competitor. But it is not the ultimate one and has other alternatives. If you ever get dissatisfied with TubeMate you may download and install these apps;


It is also a YouTube video and music downloader which is available for android devices. It is the best TubeMate alternative. It is loved and installed by over 20 million people on the globe.


It is also an android app which also claims to be an alternative of TubeMate. It is versatile, and you may download videos from BitTorrent and Sound cloud also.

Paid content
You may not expect any paid content on TubeMate. But you may use TubeMate features for earning money differently. It is free to download, free to install, and open to watch. You may gain through video resolution conversion and video to audio conversion. There is no formal method to earn on TubeMate as it is on Hago and other gaming and video streaming. But you may find clients to benefit from its features. You may enjoy its features and its low cast app which you may run on your android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though I have tried to answer all the questions and discussed all features of TubeMate, yet, there may be some questions which may arise in your minds.

  • What is TubeMate?
    It is a video downloader with a lot of other features. You may download YouTube videos and save them for the future. You may share your video and sound to other platforms too. You may concert the resolution and video to audio.
  • Is TubeMate safe application?
    Yes, of course, it is a safe application. There is no news of malware distribution till now. There is no threat to users’ privacy and safety. Its installation does not involve any unwanted apps and systems. So you may install and use it without any concern.
  • Are there any charges to use TubeMate?
    Certainly not, TubeMate is free to install and download without any charges. You may install it on any device freely.
  • Is TubeMate available for PC or MAC?
    You may use TubeMate on your pc via emulators. It is an easy task and does not involve anything complex.
  • Can I install TubeMate on iPhone?
    Officially, it is not available for the IOS operating system. You may use TubeMate alternatives on your iPhone. In the future, it may be available for IOS.


Though there are a lot of video downloader apps on internet but TubeMate has something special. It has some distinct features which are not available on other such apps. It has quality and popularity across the globe. You may save your videos, convert your videos to audios and change resolution. Here you have all you want for your video streaming and sharing.